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viernes, 6 de mayo de 2011


Fahredin-Shehu-fotoconmarco, Kosovo
-©Photo by Bruno Fert- Paris

Deployment of fathom

Master died all of sudden
We died prior to metamorphosis of butterfly
Our children again set the chess table
This time in cube
A silent shriek warns
Intelligencer bows its bones and flesh statue
In the front of place
Where the master use to sit
My two years old daughter shocked me again and thus in serial
Speechless she claim
Dad I love you but I don’t know why
Nor do I
I respond as certified imbecile
The constellation of Sagittarius in miniature
Found its space in my forehead
To send beams straight
To my hypothalamus and nurture it splendidly
Jupiter violates the territory of mortals
I’m the one alike
A yellow topaz bears nano- formula
A seed for another thousand years
We rejoice earthly wisdom
The noetic’ mock us
As we were mere single cell creatures
Yet unaware of their derision
Yet beyond all exoteric’
Prays in the altar of experiment
Full of breakable paraphernalia
We remain in the middle

Eternal present

Unless you become beautiful
You have no right to approach Beauty

If the one longs only for flowers
I shall bloom at once the entire spring

Until you leave the future behind
There’s no mere chance you make thou art a living influence

If I long only for eternal unknown
I tell you again I break this goblet
Into fragments and resurrect as phoenix
Then from my new goblet you may drink
Unpolluted vine
With the lips of deadly curse

Then my Art is for real


Fahredin Shehu

Born in Rahovec, South East of Kosova, in 1972. graduated at Prishtina University, Oriental Studies. M.A. in Literature. PhD in Sacral Estethics- ongoing

Actively works on Calligraphy discovering new mediums and techniques for this specific for of plastic art.

Published books:
• NUN- collection of mystical poems, 1996 author’s edition,
• INVISIBLE PLURALITY- Poetical prose, 2000, author’s edition
• NEKTARINA- Novel, Transcendental Epic, 2004, publishing House, Rozafa Prishtinë- project of Ministry of Culture Sport and Youth of Kosova
• ELEMENTAL 99- Short poetical mystical stories, 2006, Center for positive thinking, Prishinë
• KUN- collection of transcendental lyrics, 2007, Publishing House LOGOS-A, Skopje, Macedonia

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