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jueves, 7 de junio de 2007

The Three Truths_Poema de Lia Karavia

Fotografía: Lia Karavia

The Three Truths

All you see is a piece of wood
quite rough
not even with a chiseled hollow
but the child sails in it the five seas
by his side comradely dolphins
from the dark depths luminous mermaids
just like fireflies
send up to him their laughter
and he beckons to them waving his little hand.
On the mast, not visible to you,
brotherly seabirds perchth
us the child has no fear of the waves
he leaves the shore far behind him
while you just see him standing on the beach --
perhaps even in his garden
far from the sea.
The child ignores your truth
and feels no need to prove his own.
He has already reached an island with coconut trees
dark-skinned children have come out to welcome him
they sing all together
while you just hear a murmur
out of tune perhaps, blurred syllables
which, however, praise the creation and the Creator.
The child lifts his eyes up high
and sees the angels
he signals heavenwards
a feather whirling in the air falls at his feet
and the child knows that someone can see
the ship, the birds
the oceans, the coconut trees
someone, be it just one,
perceives his truth
and the child, crowned by the gods,
bursts into crystal laughter.
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